Makhane Ki Sabzi Delicious Recipe


Makhana or lotus seeds are a part of the lotus flower, these seeds are edible upon being proceeded. These seeds grow on the leaf in a pond collected seeds are washed and sun-dried for a couple of hours after dry up. They are roasted and then hit immediately so that the black shells are broken and white puffs pop out. Makhane ki Sabzi is very to cook.

Makhana is a good source of serial important nutrition and makes a healthy balanced diet. It’s a tasty recipe rich with makhana and Kaju with a creamy tomato onion gravy as the base. Cashew nuts add a nice crunchy flavor to curry. It contains anti-aging enzymes, which help to repair damaged protein. You can roast them they become crisp and crunchy like popcorn, but it’s a much healthier snack than popcorn. You can store roasted makhana in an airtight container anytime you want a light and healthy snack just roast and have them. We can also make kheer of Makhana it is quite popular even we use Makhane in Panchamrat. Makhane is a very healthy and tasty snack. Nowadays you can find that in the market roasted Makhane are available as a snack.

 In spite of extremely small size they have several health benefits that make them a healthy snack.

Health Benefits of makhana

  • It is rich in calcium, protein pop makhana.
  • Makhana is very useful during the post-pregnancy period.
  • It’s good for kidney and heart
  • Make a is low in calories it’s ideal for a weight-loss snack.
  • It’s a good source of minerals and plays an important role in strengthening one’s bones.
  • Makhanas are rich in nutrition and make them an extremely healthy snack 100g of makhana contains 347 calories.

Makhane Ki Sabzi Delicious Recipe

Recipe by Cheenu u0026 RachitCourse: Main CourseCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Easy


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Makhane Ki Sabzi Is very to cook and delicious in taste so let’s cook.


  • 2 cup Makhana

  • 10 Cashew

  • 1 Onion (finely chopped)

  • Cumin seeds

  • 2-3 tbsp Curd

  • ½ tbsp Kasuri methi

  • Salt to taste

  • Oil as required

  • Paste
  • ½ tbsp Chili powder

  • ½ tbsp Coriander powder

  • ½ tbsp Haldi powder

  • ½ tbsp Garam Masala

  • ½ tbsp Cumin powder


  • Heat the oil in a pan and fry makhana on low flame.Roasting makhane
  • In a blender add tomato Garlic and cashew to make a fine paste.Preparing Paste
  • In a pan add cumin seeds and finely chopped on and saute on till translucent.Frying
  • Now in a bowl add Chilli powder, Haldi powder,Garam masala, Coriander powder, and cumin powder add little water in it and make a paste.Making spices
  • Add the paste in sauteed translucent onion.Adding spices in Masala
  • Add tomato and cashew paste in it and water as required.Adding Kaju Paste
  • Add salt to taste.Adding Salt
  • Sprinkle kasuri methiSprinkle Kasuri Methi
  • Add roasted Makhane in last and cook for just a minute , else it become soggy in gravy.Adding Makhane
  • For richness in curry add 2 tbsp curd or cream at last.Adding Cream

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