Malai Paneer Recipe | Restaurant Style|

Malai Paneer

Malai paneer recipe/ kaju malai paneer recipe

Malai paneer is a creamy recipe made with fresh cream or malai. The key ingredients of this paneer recipe are cottage paneer cream and onion. We are using Ingredients in this recipe are Cream, Onion, Tomato, and Cashew. This creamy gravy adds plenty of flavors to this recipe. This is a very soft, creamy, and delicious recipe. We used cashew nuts in gravy to add thickness and value. It’s one of the best quickest paneer recipes. You can try more rich gravy recipes – Shahi Paneer Recipe, Malai Kofta.

If you don’t have fresh cream you can make it from malai which is easily available at home. Boil milk to make your homemade cream.

Steps of making malai at home

  • Boil the milk and let it cool
  • Keep it in the refrigerator for overnight or 5-6 hours
  • You will find a thick yellowish layer of cream at the top of the milk
  • Remove this cream with a spoon and keep it in another container don’t forget to collect your every time malai when you boil milk.
  • After the container is full you can make it butter else use it as cream.

If you are hosting a party at home or looking for an easy recipe with paneer it’s a perfect choice to satisfying your craving. If you love restaurant-style paneer recipes then this is a must-try.

What is the difference between Paneer and Malai Paneer?

Paneer is the king of ingredients of all Indian vegetarian cuisine. Paneer is a fresh cheese, You can prepare it from curdling milk and lemon juice.

What is the meaning of malai paneer?

As the name suggests malai paneer is prepared from cream or malai or paneer. Curry is prepared from fresh cream-based rich and spicy gravy with cashew nuts paste while dry fenugreek adds a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

Malai paneer for weight loss,?

Malai paneer is good for weight loss, if you are trying hard to weight loss for A very long time then paneer is a good option start eating paneer in breakfast and see the difference in content is. It’s good in protein and calcium. its high protein contentis good for muscle health.

What You can make from Malai?

There are so many dishes and sweets you can make from Malai Malai Paneer, Malai Kofta, Rasmalai, Malai Paneer Tikka ,Matka Malai, Kulfi, Malai Kheer.

Malai Paneer Recipe | Restaurant Style|

Recipe by Cheenu u0026 RachitCourse: Main CourseCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Medium


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Malai Paneer is very delicious recipe and same can be found in restaurant’s top menu. So let’s try this amazing recipe at home easily.


  • 150 g Paneer

  • ¼ cup Cream or Malai

  • ½ Tbsp Kasuri Methi

  • 2 Onion (1 Finely Chopped, 1 Cubed )

  • 8-10 Cashew Nuts

  • 5-6 Garlic Cloves

  • ½ Tbsp Turmeric Powder

  • ½ Tbsp Red Chilli Powder

  • ½ Tbsp Coriander Powder

  • 1/2 Tbsp Cumin Powder

  • ½ Tbsp Garam Masala

  • 2-3 Green Chilli

  • Salt to Taste

  • Whole Spices

  • Oil


  • 2 small size onions and 2 small size tomatoes let them cook in a hot water for 20-25 minutes.Boiling Tomatoes and onion
  • Heat 2 tbsp Oil or Butter in a pan add whole spices (Bay leaves, Black pepper ,Cinnamon, 2 dry chilli, Cloves, Cumin seeds,1black cardamom)Fry whole spices
  • Add finely chopped Onion and Ginger Garlic paste cook well till it becomes light pink in color.Fry onion
  • Add Turmeric powder, Red chilli powder, coriander powder, Cumin powder and Garam Masala mix well cook for 4-5 minutes.add more spices
  • Drain water once Onion and Tomatoes are cool separate the Onion layer and keep aside. Further chop onion roughly.Chop boiled onion
  • Peel the skin of boiled tomatoes.Peel Tomatoes
  • Heat oil in a pan adds paneer cubes cook until they turn into golden brown color.Fry Cheese
  • Fry Onion layers for 2 minutes.Fry boiled onion
  • Add peeled boiled Tomatoes and cashews in a blender to make a paste.Make a paste
  • Mix this paste in Onion and spice’s Masala and add little water.Add paste
  • Further, add water and Salt to Taste according to your curry in order to get a good rich gravy.Add salt and water
  • Add fried onion layers.Add fried onion
  • Add green chilli (Optional).add green chilli
  • Add Paneer Cubes and mix well.Adding cheese
  • Turn off the flame add cream or Malai and kasuri Methi mix well.Adding cream and methi
  • Your Malai Paneer Recipe is ready. Enjoy with Naan , Butter Roti , Laccha Paratha, Jeera Rice.Malai Paneer

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