Mumbai’s Favorite street food : The Vada Pav


A few urban communities have an indistinguishable relationship with food, a relationship so unprecedented that the urban communities become inseparable from its food. All things considered, what is Lucknow without tundey kebab, Hyderabad without biryani, Amritsar without kulchas, and Delhi without dahi bhalla. Furthermore, with regards to Mumbai, no Mumbaikar can oppose a past hot vada pav.

The humble vada pav: these rotisserie searing chunks of chickpea-battered pureed potatoes, laid inside a chutney covered pav are flavorful to such an extent that they propel the ceaselessly in-a-hustle Mumbaikars to delay and snatch one. For a city known for its high speed life, is anyone shocked that Mumbai’s #1 tidbit is an in and out dish?
vada pav is considerably more than simply modest road food. In a city known for its glaring pay imbalances, the humble vada pav is the unifier of Mumbai.

From side of the road sellers to corporate honchos, everybody in Mumbai gives up to the joys of the omnipresent vada pav. Such is the affection for Vada Pav, that a few merchants have become well known thanks to the popular Mumbaikars who successive them. Story goes that Mumbai’s tiger, Balasaheb Thackeray, was so attached to Vaidya’s vada pav that he guaranteed that Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) authorities didn’t bother Vaidya. India’s number one Mumbaikar, Sachin Tendulkar, can’t avoid the vada pav served at Shivaji Park Gymkhana and cases it as his indulgence. To such an extent that Vinod Kambli gifted him with 35 vada pavs when the Master Blaster broke Sunil Gavaskar’s 34-century Test Record.