papad ke pakode with steps


Papad ke Pakode

Stage 1 :
Take sooji and salt in a blending bowl and blend well.
Stage 2 :
Presently add buttermilk to this and blend well. Cover the blend and save it to the side for thirty minutes.
Stage 3 :
Take papad in a blender container and coarsely grind it.
Stage 4 :
Add onion, squashed cumin, coconut lumps, stew powder, cleaved ginger, green stew, curry leaves, coriander, coarsely grind papad and blend well in a bowl.
Stage 5 :
Add the blend into the sooji combination. Change the salt and consistency. If necessary, blend in additional water and salt till you get a medium-thick hitter.
Stage 6 :
At long last, add hot oil and baking soft drink individually and blend them in.
Stage 7 :
Heat oil in a kadhai. Take modest quantities of the blend and sear till fresh and light brown in variety.
Stage 8 :
Sprinkle some visit masala and stew powder with hacked coriander for decorating. Serve hot with ketchup and green chutney.