A List of Tea Varieties

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Masala chai teaTake black tea and add ginger and cardamonn, clove, then serve it with milk and sugar

Hibiscus teaMade from the petals of the roselle flower, hibiscus turns water into a handsome shade of red

You can prepare rosehip tea using the rose plant’s fruit. It’s rich in vitamin C

herbal tea is created by steeping spices, herbs, and other plants

Earl Grey ,the most famous of all black teas, earl grey is flavored with bergamot oil 

chamomile is an herb that, when steeped, creates a tasty, perfumey brew.

Sencha is Japanese teas,  it's served as leaves, not as a powde

 white tea, more mellow flavor than green or black tea. Expect a yellow-ish, dim color.

Echinacea tea is a well-known cure for preventing and alleviating the common cold