Heart-shaped leaves called taro leaves- patode recipe

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In a bowl add Besan, salt, Red Chilli Powder, Haldi PowderAmchur, Dhaniya Powder, Ajwain and hing.

Add little by little water to make a paste .and keep stirring tomake a lump-free batter.

Place a leaf on a large plate smooth part of the leaf facingdownward .spread the batter on the top of the entire leaf.

Place another leaf on the top of it and repeat with the 5-6leaves arranging on one above to another.

Fold the end from both sides , start rolling them from oneend, repeat the same with all leave.

Grease oil in a cooker or in kadai then place spoon in the bottom

so that rolls will not be sticky further add 2 cups of water and steam them for 15 minutes.

After cooling to room temperature cut them into slices using asharp knife.

.Heat oil in a pan or kadai and fry them in batches and fry them

Serve them hot in a plate with tomato sauce or any type of yourfavorite sauce.