Chilli Potato - Crispy Restaurant Style 

indian healthy food

Wash and peel potato and cut into half inches slices each stick or in finger fries shape.

In a pan boil water and add 1tbsp salt and add potato for 5 minutes to remove extra starch and drain off the potato.

In a bowl add 2 tbsp corn flour, 2 tbsp all-purpose flour in potato 

In another bowl add all-purpose flour, cornflour, salt to taste and make a thick batter with water

Now add the first coated aloo in the thick batter for the second coating.

Heat oil in a kadhai deep fry coated potatoes until golden on medium flame.

 oil in a kadhai add finely chopped garlic, sesame seeds, chopped onion, chopped capsicum mix well

Now add soy sauce, red chilly sauce, tomato ketchup on high flame.Add little water and Salt to taste.

Turn off the flame, Add fried potato toss well till the sauce coat the potatoes.

Serve hot topped with sesame.