some mouth watering variations of Gujiya prepare during festivals.

indian healthy food

When we think of any festival, the first sweet that we can think of is Gujiya

 traditional gujiyas are made of maida, mawa, khoya, coconuts, nuts, and other spice

Rabdi- is prepared by thick milk,or mix khoya, and add elaichi and cardamom with dried fruits and nuts.

apple-The filling includes apples, and dry druits

Gulkand-,It has ingredients like chironji, mawa, coconut, saffron, gulkand, and cardamom.

 chocolate gujia-The mixture of chocolate chips and khoya topped with chocolate syrup 

halwa gujia - fillng any halwa, like sooji halwa, moong dal halwa, or carrot halwa

baked gujia-It is made with semolina and wheat dough. The filling dry fruits

moong dal gujia-having a filling of spicy, sweet, and sour moong dal filling

Boil water in a pan add sweet corn and boil them for 4-5 minutes.