Most traditional drinks in India

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Anyone who thinks that India’s drinks are all about Lassi and Masala Chai is wrong

The Asian country has an amazing list of typical drinks, as varied and unique as its traditions.

Masala Chai-iThis hot drink is made with black tea, whole milk, sugar and spices

Filter coffee (Kaapi)-The coffee is filtered very slowly through a specific filter made of stainless steel,

Lassi-The base of Lassi is yoghurt and there are sweet versions

Masala Chaas-also called spiced buttermilk

Paneer Soda-is very easy to prepare, just mix water  of roses, sugar and soda

Aam Panna- Aam Panna uses green mangoes

Nimbu Pani-Shikanji, Nimbu Pani consists of lemonade “turbinated” with sugar, coarse salt and jeera

Thandai  -Thandai means “refreshing” or “something that cools”. In addition to milk and sugar,

Jaljeera-cumin seeds and Jaljeera powder, a mixture of spices