Pasta is culturally Italian food . 

indian healthy food

 Pasta is available in more than 310 shapes you can use any shape of pasta for this recipe 

 also pasta can be made in too many ways here we are giving you the recipe of pasta

in Indian style traditional way it’s perfect to serve for breakfast and lunch

Boil water in a pan add your favorite pasta till it gets soft and add few drops of oil. Cook it for a minimum 9-10 min.

Drain the water and keep pasta aside 

.Heat oil in a non stick pan and add onion tomato and green chilly, Mix well and cooked on a medium flame for 3min

Add red chilly powder turmeric and salt to taste and mix well .

Add boiled pasta ,tomato ketchup and mix well On medium flame for 2-3 min .

Turn off the heat Your Indian pasta is ready to serve .

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