Reasons Why Indians Love
      Chai So Much                 

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Indians and tea have a unique connection.   

  Saying ‘chai’ before saying ‘hi’ is our morning ritual. Even the ever so famous ‘ chai pe bulaya hai’   

Guests too love it and it’s hard to say no to our much loved chai.

  whether it is summer, monsoon or winter, tea is a non-stop tradition for us.     

 Who doesn't love to chit chat with friends or family around a cup of tea 

. There are different types of teas and endless variations and flavours.

If you are bored with the regular milk tea try having jasmine tea or dark tea.

You can’t deny the fact that tea is available in abundance and that too at a cheap price

we heard people say that they need chai because their head is aching Chai is our go to drink in times of stress